Monday, November 10, 2008

Spiritual Saltuations

How do you end emails? If it is a professional draft then of course you may use sincerely, or thank you, but what about personal emails? If often get emails that end with, "because of Jesus," or "God bless." I don't know how to respond to that. It is a lot of pressure on me to match that level of spirituality or up it one. I usually don't end my email with anything other than my name or simply "take care." Spiritual salutations give the email a more cosmic feel, and my emails are not that important. Perhaps I am not being a good Christian. I suppose I should start ending my emails with a blessing, affirmation of faith, or challenge to the reader.

Here a few examples of what I could end an email with.

1)God bless you, even when you aren't sneezing,


2From your fellow Christian soldier who is marching as to war,


3)Your brother in Christ, who is not really your brother, genetically not your brother that is, but spiritually speaking, if you know what I mean,


4)From one of God's chosen for eternal glory to another chosen by God for eternal glory, not like all those other hell-bound sinners who spend Sundays drinking beer and watching football when they should be in church praising God and repenting of their hellish lifestyles,


5)From a Christian, and if you are not a Christian there is something I want to tell you and some pamphlets I want to send you, and possibly some nice people to come visit you, and a donation I would like you to make,


Then again I might just stick with "take care."


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alicia said...

This is hilarious B.J.! Personally, I like #1. Thanks for keeping the laughs coming!

Peace out!